Ciaté Releases Chalkboard Manicure Kit

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You think you would never see a chalkboard once you are out of school? Well, chalkboards are going to come back into your life with the new trendy set from British brand Ciaté that is about to release a Chalkboard Manicure Kit. As the name suggests, the kit will enable you to make your manicure in chalkboard style so you can further experiment with different nail art patterns. Isn’t that exciting?

Chalkboard Manicure Kit by Ciaté

Chalkboard Manicure Kit Ad Campaign

Chalkboard Nail Art by Ciaté

Ciaté, UK-based company, is known for its extravagant nail polishes, the latest being the Caviar Nail Polish Kit. This time it is the chalkboard that caught their attention. The Chalkboard manicure kit includes black chalkboard base coat, four easy-to-use mini liquid chalk pens (in white, blue, green, and pink) and a clear topcoat for protection.

The idea is quite unique and actually simple in performance. First you need to apply the black matte nail polish and then after it is completely dry, you can start nail art projects. The pens in the kit act as enhancing tools, with which you can draw whatever your heart desires. But here is a trick: the nail art that you draw with these pens can be rinsed off once you don’t like – just like a chalkboard scribbles that can be washed away from the board. However, if you do like the design you have made, then you can secure it with a clear topcoat.

Chalkboard Manicure Kit by Ciaté

Chalkboard Manicure Kit by Ciaté

This surprising chalkboard kit is rumored to be already on sale through online stores in UK, however, we still have to wonder when will this amazing nail kit hit the U.S. We already know that the Chalkboard Manicure Kit will be distributed through Sephora stores throughout the country for a price of $25. Are you excited to try this amazing nail sensation?

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