Butter London Winter 2012 Nail Polish

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Get ready for the holiday season with Butter London that has presented its new nail polish line for the Winter 2012 season!

Butter London Winter 2012 Nail Polish

Sparks and glitter by Butter London

Have you noticed the tendency toward sparks and glitter this Holiday season? Well, butter London is no exception, because it presented a new collection of fabulous nail polish tones.

The new collection features 5 new spartkling colors:

  • Fairy Cake Nail Lacquer – full coverage, silvery, multi-colour iridescent glitter suspended in a light grey base
  • Fiddlesticks Nail Lacquer – full coverage, semi-matte, magenta glitter suspended in a raspberry base
  • Jack the Lad Nail Lacquer – opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green microglitter
  • Scallywag – full coverage, bright turquoise glitter suspended in a clear base
  • Scuppered Nail Lacquer – opaque, copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter

Butter London Winter 2012 Nail Polish
Apart from having a glittery nail polish tones special for holiday season, another point that is attention grabbing is its eco-friendly base: this nail polish is free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. What also makes this an attractive for you as a customer is of course its wonderfull price: $14 each.

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