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Taking proper care of nails is a must for every woman. One should understand that only daily regimen can make your hands and nails look perfect.


Of course there is much about genetics with nails but external factors may influence them as well. These include dirty environment, poor nutrition, improper care, etc. In this article you will find much of experts’ advice on daily nail care.

1. To keep nails strong and healthy one needs to eat diverse food containing lots of vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin A is necessary for growth and strengthening nails. Liver, oil, tomatoes, carrots, greenery contain vitamin A in plenty.

Vitamin B helps protein assimilation and is needed for nail growth. One can find it in cabbage, beer yeast and egg yolks.

Iodine promotes nail growth and is included in laminaria and spinach.


Silicon is important for nail elasticity and hardness. Many vegetables contain this mineral.
Calcium promotes nail hardness. Dairy products have lots of calcium.

Iron is essential for the right formation of nail structure and its shape. Buckwheat, millet, oats, beans and red meat contain iron in large amount.

Sulphur prevents inflammation and is important for nail formation. Cabbage, onions and cucumbers contain much sulphur.

2. Taking care of nails is not difficult. Do manicure once or twice a week.

3. Use cosmetic products of high quality only.

4. Polish remover should be acetone free as acetone ruins the body of nail. Remove it as often as you can. It is the best to remove it every night. If this is impossible leave polish for 5 days maximum and then remove it and keep nails polish free for at least two days.

5. Apply moisturizer to your nails before going to bed, this will make nails stronger.

6. To remove yellowness from nails apply a piece of lemon for a minute or two. This will make nails lighter and stronger.

7. To promote nail growth and strengthening take gelatin.

8. Lack of calcium results in nail splitting. Take calcium together with vitamin D.

9. Baking soda bathes are not recommended as nail care procedures.

10. Prepare a nourishing paste for nails including wax as an ingredient. Boil an egg, take the yolk out and mash it, add 4 gr beeswax melted on water bath and add olive oil to form a paste. Apply it every evening before bedtime.

11. For brittle nails warm vegetable oil bathes are very helpful. Add a few drops of lemon juice and vitamin A. Use them once or twice a week. As helpful are bathes of vegetable oil and apple vinegar mixed in equal proportions.

12. Bathes of warm olive oil with some lemon juice drops strengthen nails.

13. To strengthen splitting nails saline bathes are useful. Opt for sea or ocean salt without any coloring agents. Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in warm water and keep nails in it for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure 10-15 days in succession. Do it once a week as a preventive measure.

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