7 Essential Pedicure Tips

Finally it is time to put away your warm clothes and boots and get your fave dress and sandals, showing off your perfect pedicure. Find out how to do your toenails at home using our 7 essential pedicure tips.

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We know how to take care of your feet at home with no expensive beauty salon procedures. Learn our essential pedicure tips and enjoy your perfectly pedicured toenails.

7 Essential Pedicure Tips

#1 Spa-Basin

In order to prepare for pedicure keep your feet for 15-20 minutes in warm spa-basin. Add your favorite shower gel, herbal tea or several drops of citrus oil into the water.

#2 Exfoliation

Choosing exfoliator for feet it is better to opt for peelings containing sea salt or brown sugar. But for sensitive skin opt for scrubs with crushed pearls or berry seeds.

#3 Cuticle Softener

Provide yourself with special cuticle softener that will help to get rid of cuticle easily. Apply softener to the cuticles and then move them back using orange stick.

#4 File and Buff Nails

It is recommended to use diamond nail file to file and buff your nails. Large abrasive nail files are used to shape toenail and tiny nail-file abrasive for polishing.

#5 Nourishing Foot Mask

Treat your feet using a nourishing mask. Apply it for 10-15 minutes, paying special attention to your heels. The most efficient nourishing foot masks are those containing clay or vegetable oil extracts.

#6 Nail Strengthener

To make you nails look groomed even without applying a nail polish, apply two coats of nail strengthener. Besides it will strengthen nail bed.

#7 Deodorizing Foot Spray

Deodorizing foot spray with mint extract can provide your feet with freshness and dryness.

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