5 Easiest Holiday Manicure Ideas

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Holidays are getting close. If you’ve already starting planning where to spend them, it’s also probably a good time to think what you’ll wear style and makeup-wise.

Holiday Manicure Ideas

Glitter nail

Glitter nails are an easy and festive manicure to go with. Simple, hassle-free, except for when it’s time to take it off. A one glitter nail alternative is more prudent if you don’t like scrubbing glitter off nails. Choosing beautifully contrasting colors of the main polish and glitter.

Glitter nails

You can also create a glitter-dipped effect by painting the ends of your freshly painted nails with glitter polish. Do the same at the cuticles and you’ll get a slightly different but no less glamorous mani.

Metallic French manicure is a great idea for the holidays. Combine a jewel tone polish with golden tips and enjoy the festive look.

Ciate Caviar Manicure

White pearl manicure is ideal for holidays. It might be a challenge to take it off but it’s surely easy enough to DIY.

Nail striping tape

Finally if you aren’t rhinestones girl try a golden striping tape for giving your nails a festive look. What’s your go-to holiday manicure?

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