Must-know Beauty Secrets

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Must-know Beauty Secrets

There are tricks that every woman must know to maintain her beauty. Even with today’s busy lifestyles and range of beauty products, tons of tips from fashion magazines and leading beauty professionals there is no excuse to look messy and undone. Read our must-know beauty secrets that will make your beauty routine even easier.

Skin Must-know Beauty Secrets

Must-know Beauty Secrets

Silky skin. Moisturize your skin with hydrating cream. Do mild exfoliation once a week and clear your skin before applying moisturizer otherwise it might cause clogged pores and as a result bad, dull skin. Cool water is better for washing your face because after hot water even after shower the cool dry air makes skin rough.

Rose and lavender. Those two work great when it comes to calming the skin inflammation.

Layered makeup. Use layers to protect and maintain your skin. Apply antioxidant serum, then face cream and top off with sunscreen.

Bad habits. Besides smoking there are some bad habits that can cause blemishes. For example, sleeping on one side of your face can cause deeper wrinkles on that side. Try getting rid of these habits and use silk pillow cases.

Hair Must-know Beauty Secrets

Must-know Beauty Secrets

Volume is achievable. Spray roots (that’s where the volume born) with volumizer and blow-dry helping your roots rise with the brush. Voluminous ponytail is top trendy so just tease a bit at the crown and fix at the back to create a tail, which you can sweep aside to create a romantic look.

Thicker hair. Who doesn’t dream about thicker or longer hair? Take couple of extensions, not necessarily of your own color and use them to make your ponytail longer.

Two-minute blowdry. The secret is to blowdry only upper and lower layer of your hair and as soon as it looks ready nobody will know you were in a hurry.

New hairstylist? So you need a new stylist to maintain your hair don’t rush to the nearest or farthest salon and try new haircut. First get a blow-dry or styling to figure out your soon-to-be hairstylist’s style and approach.

Stray hair. Stray hair can be tamed with a clean mascara wand spritzed with hairspray. Just go over with it in places where stray hair ruin your perfect updo.

Gray blonde? Gray blonde locks can be revived and brightened up with streaks of apricot as lowlights. This will help hair reflect light and shine.

Makeup Must-know Beauty Secrets

Must-know Beauty Secrets

Primer needed? Yes. Since your eyelids are oily too eyeshadow tends to crease. Using primer or powder you eliminate oil and thus eyeshadow stays intact.

Glowing skin. To achieve healthy glow use highlights and avoid heavy foundation. Apply glow products on the apples of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, hairline and chin.

Concealer wonders. There are different types of concealers for different uses. Green-tinted concealer neutralizes redness, orange eliminates blue eye circles. Take a bit of concealer and blend at the needed areas.

Refreshing and moisturizing. Spray your face with water in the middle of the day and while it’s still wet strat re-blending your foundation, concealer or powder.

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