Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

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Once in a while beauty brands would design a diamond-encrusted lipstick or cream with exotic ingredients including diamonds and sell it for an inconceivable price making it to the news and shaking up the beauty blogosphere. But let’s be honest these products only come in fancy packages whereas the contents are pretty much the same…commonly. So technically the  buyer pays for a bottle that can at best be refilled with another portion of makeup or fragrance.

Most Expensive Cosmetics & Makeup

$1 Million Golden Delicious Fragrance by DKNY

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

Donna Karan’s Golde Delisious fragrance may be affordable in its regular form but in a bottle designed by Martin Katz. The signature apple-shaped bottle was designed depicting Ney York landscapes in 14 carat white gold, 2700 white diamonds, 183 yellow sapphires and 2.43-carat yellow canary diamonds. The proceeds from the sale of this bottle go to Action Against Hunger charity. Well, at least there’s some point to it.

$13,000 Moisturizer by Clé de Peau Beauté

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

The $13,000 La Crème by Clé de Peau Beauté is one expensive 50 gram jar of moisturizer. Contained in a package of 30 layers of crystal and three platinum rings the product was created to celebrate the company’s anniversary and comes only in three jars. Amanda Seyfried has been chosen the face of the product and fronted an ad campaign.

$ 62, 000 Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick From Guerlain

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

Kiss Kiss or Diamonds lipstick from Guerlain was designed in a case made of 110 grams of 18-carat gold and ecrusted with 199 2.2-karat diamonds. Fortunately refillable Kiss Kiss Gold and Diamonds can also be customized with gemstones of choice. The luxurious lipstick (case) comes with a lip brush, black suede pouch and a lacquered wooden case.

$250,000 Azature Nail Polish

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

Thought Models Own Gold Rush was the most expensive lacquer out there? Here is a $250,000 Azature nail polish infused with 267-carat black diamonds. Crazy! The one-of-a-kind lacquer designed by Azature comes in a faceted 0.5 oz bottle looking like a black glitter polish. Although the affordable replicas of this will retail at $25 in Fred Segal stores. Still not so cheap for a nail polish, eh?

$14 Million H. Couture Socialite Collection

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

Now the H. Couture’s $739 Socialite Collection consisting of mascara and lipstick could be balancing between steep and crazy but the customized $14 million version of this goes beyond our understanding. The mascara package encrusted with 2500 blue diamonds and lipstick tube with 1200 pink diamonds are made of 18-carat gold. Well, that makes sense now. The additional perks and services are included in both prices, something around consierge service, lash bodyguards (?) and refills.

Kre-At $1,350 Diamond Half Lashes

Most Ridiculously Priced Beauty Products

Can you imagine paying over a thousand dollars for false eyelashes? Well, sometime last year Kre-At Beauty has offered false eyelashes decorated with 18-carat gold and 0.2-carat diamonds at the lash line.

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