Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

It is an open secret that milk is a very healthy drink, but few people know that milk is therewith an amazing beauty aid with the help of which women have kept their beauty over the centuries.

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Cleopatra is a well-known milk bathing fan. She used to have a bath full of milk that helped her to keep skin so soft and delicate. Surely I don’t call you to fill the bathtub with milk, as there are some other cheaper recipes where milk is used as an amazing beauty aid.

Milk Bathing

Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

Don’t have 200 liters of milk to fill your bathtub as Cleopatra used to do? Don’t give up! Mix a glass of dried milk with 3 spoons of honey and pour out the derived mixture to your bathtub. It will soften, and nourish your skin.


Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

It is widely known that beauty radiates from the inside. Thus a sugar-free milkshake or a glass of milk per day will help you to glow with beauty and health.

Milk Facial Mask

Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

Mix carefully a glass of sour milk with the same amount of oatmeal, and apply the mixture to your face for 15-20 minutes, after wash it off with warm water.  It will help to cleanse your skin and make your complexion glow.

Milk Massage

Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

Take warm milk and massage it into your skin. It will make your skin radiate health and beauty.

Milk Cosmetics

Milk as Amazing Beauty Aid

Opt for ‘milky’ cosmetics. Among the brands using milk as a cosmetic ingredient are Pupa , MAC and etc.

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