Matching Lips & Nails Trend: Yay or Nay?

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The new beauty trend of matching lips and nails is back. It’s been called old-fashioned and was considered a faux pas but now it’s all over the place. It has been spotted at Christian Dior and Jason Wu. While some say the matching lips and nails is too much, others prefer it for a “pulled together” look.

Matching nails and lips:

Matching Lips & Nails Trend: Yay or Nay?

How To Choose

To sport this trend choose the colors and shades that suit your skin tone and undertones. Also make sure the lipstick and nail polish hues/shades match as much as possible. Red and tangerine are hot this season so choose the shades and undertones that will enhance you skin tone.

How To Wear

Wearing matching lips and nails is just enough accents in the look. Choose the outfit in neutral or contrasting colors so that the lips and nails stand out. Adding more of that color to the outfit may be trickier to pull off so try not to overwhelm the look.

What do you think about matching lips and nails trend? Yay or nay?

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