Winged Eyeliner Makeup tips: Easy to Create!

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The winged eyeliner trend is great due to its fabulous look so learn how to create a winged eyeliner makeup so you can look voguish, trendy and perfect. Learning how to create a winged eyeliner makeup can help you achieve an awesome look which is wrapped up in elegancy, subtlety and style…

But be very careful because the way of eyeliner applying can create a fabulous look or a makeup disaster! All the people have different facial features; ones should be accentuated and another – concealed. That’s why in order not to create an artificial look, follow winged eyeliner makeup tips carefully:

Winged Eyeliner Makeup tips

  • Firstly you should cleanse your complexion to remove any oil or dirt which might cover your skin. It would be better to use any mild cleanser.
  • After moisturize your skin, and apply your favorite concealer to hide all the imperfections. Then apply a matte foundation perfectly apt for your complexion in order to obtain a flawless look. For a perfectly smooth finish apply powder over the foundation to set it.
  • And now the most important makeup part! Take your favorite black eyeliner no matter liquid, gel, or cream, one, which is comfortable for you. Make a small dot to which the wing will start and line towards the mark on your upper lid. Then use your eyeliner to join the wing with the outer corner point of your upper lid to define your look and get the flawless finish.
  • Then fill in any gaps of color to get a perfectly even line. If you’d like to make the line darker you can use an angled brush to apply a black colored eyeshadow.
  • The next step is to curl your eyelashes and then coat it using a black colored mascara to create fantastic curled and dense eyelashes look.
  • And then to amplify your look, define your cheekbones using blush and apply a lipstick (the color which suits you perfectly).

Choose appropriate hairstyle and outfit to match your makeup style so you can look greatly voguish every time you step out the door.

Also you can watch the winged eyeliner makeup tutorial below:

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  1. Tanya Says:

    awesome eye make up. Thanks for sharing.

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