Wine Stained Lips Trend

Wine-stained lips is the new makeup trend. A bit dramatic but makes the bold lipstick hues more wearable as it allows regulating the intensity of the lipstick shade. More than one lipstick shade can be used to create stained look.

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Wine Stained Lips Trend: Hot or Not?

Wine-stained lips is one of the makeup trends for both Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. The trend allows various hues to be applied like stains onto the lips rather than like perfect coating. There are two ways of wearing wine-stained lips. The first one has the lipstick applied to the center of the lips from where it bleeds and spreads to the rest of the lips. The second one is less dramatic as the lipstick is applied to the entire lip area and then blotted.

Wine Stained Lips Trend: Hot or Not?

How to Achieve

To achieve a wine-stained lip look prime the lips with balm. Let it absorb or just blot the lips. Put on the lipstick and blot it as well to achieve uneven stained look. A sheer lip gloss will add volume to the lips.

Wine Stained Lips Trend: Hot or Not?

How to Wear

The wine-stained lips trend can be worn both day and evening to appropriate events. Opt for the hues that complement your skin tone and hair color. Experts also advice to opt for sheer textures rather than opaque ones. The eyes can be left soft or simply nude.

So what do you think about the wine-stained lips trend?

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