White Eyeliner For Spring And Summer

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White eyeliner isn’t a very big trend this season but it has been coming up on the podium again and again for the last couple of years. Last year wasn’t exception as Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 show had models wearing white double winged eyeliner with overly dramatic false eyelashes both top and bottom ones. And while a white eyeliner can definitely look impressive on the runway, how do you wear it in real life?

White Eyeliner Spring/Summer Style

White eyeliner at Nanette Lepore Spring/Summer 2015 show

Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 show

White eyeliner can really be used instead of the classic black one this summer. It makes for stunning winged or cat eye makeup and accentuate the eyes no less than the black one. It can be worn on its own and it best pairs with taupe, brown eyeshadow.

Another great way to wear a white eyeliner is in the iner corners of the eyes. Shimmery liners work best adding illumination to the area. You can also use a white eyeliner if you want to highlight and define your black eyeliner by pairing them together.

If you want a more graphic eyeliner opt for white gel but if you don’t want it to look cakey go for creamy iridescent pencils.

white eyeliner calls for dramatic dark lashes, otherwise you might end up looking a wee bit alien. You can also be a bit bolder with it in terms of size and application as it’s not as dramatic as black eyeliner but it definitely stands out. You can also pair it with any lipstick from nude to dark purple as in the picture below.


White eyeliner

White eyeliner on brown eyeshadow

White eyeliner

Bold white eyeliner on brown shimmery eyeshadow base

White eyeliner look

White eyeliner in brown smokey eye makeup

Blue and white eyeliner

Two-toned eyeliner

White eyeliner with brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner

Black and white eyeliner on brown eyeshadow base

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