Want To Build-Up The Eyelashes?

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I’ve always admired the eyelashes the cover girls and celebs have. I used to think that those were their gift by nature but later on I read an article telling that most of icons had build up their eyelashes. I love my eyes and I admit the things that do no harm them. But recently I’ve been invited to the wedding ceremony and the temptation to build up the eyelashes gained a victory over my caution.

Build Up Eyelashes2

I went to the one of the leading cosmetologist my friend had advised me and while she was working on my new appearance I was questioning her about the procedure.

What eyelashes do cosmetologists use?

First of all, there are eyelashes made of artificial fibre but identical to natural. I should say that the natural ones are not good for build-up as they cause allergy or even conjunctivitis. All the materials undergo a strict quality control and certification.

What is the length for the build-up eyelashes?

They are  of 0.2 in, 0.3 in, 0.39 in, 0.47 in, and 0.59 in. The length is chosen according to the clients wish and the condition of their own ones.

Build Up Eyelashes

What are colors for eyelashes?

They are predominantly black and brown.

Can you describe the procedure you are doing with me now? (I was lying on the couch while she was building up)

Well, before the procedure starts it’s necessary to remove the mascara. Then the master should defat the basis of every your eyelash. The next step the specialist should take is to cover the lower-eyelid-eyelashes to avoid the sticking with upper ones while the procedure.

Eyelashes build-up begins from external corner of an eye and gradually moves to the inner one. Then with a help of a special pitch the cosmetologist apply the fakes leaving some place from the roots. Then she should process them with special composition after the building-up completion. It’ll protect the eyelashes and make them glitter.

What time does the entire procedure take?

About 1-2 hours.

For how long is it possible to wear the build-ups?

It depends on your own natural ones. If they are strong and can carry the fake eyelashes for a long period of time, so that’s great! I mean, it’s a hard load for them to carry!

Some of my clients wear the artificial eyelashes for 2 weak, others – for several months, and there are those who wear them for years. Of course, they take them off for some time to let restoring and relaxing a bit.

Build Up Eyelashes1

What about the correction? Is that obligatory?

Probably, yes. If you want to prolong wearing them, then you need to undergo the correction procedure once per two weeks. It’s done predominantly because you loose some eyelashes gradually.

When you sleep or put on the turtleneck sweater or rub the eyes you provoke the mechanic disturbance and the lashes fall forming the gaps. So you need to put another one in turn of the lost. Everything will depend on your own neatness and care.

Should we treat our lashes after we remove the fakes?

Sure! Your cosmetologist should prescribe a treatment for your eyelashes after they are freed. I usually recommend the castor and burdock oils as they are wholesome for the skin, the roots and the eyelashes as well.

Can I remove the built-up eyelashes by myself?

I wouldn’t advise doing it because you risk pulling out your own ones together with the fakes. You’d better go to the specialist and let her take them off with the special liquid.

Build Up Eyelashes3

Can you give advice of how to keep them on longer?

Don’t use too oily eyelid creams or make up removers as they weaken the composition that holds the build-ups. Minimize the mechanic effect to them. Don’t stand under the pouring rain. In fact, take care of them. But if they cause the eyes watering, consult your cosmetologist.

In conclusion I can say that I wear the built-up eyelashes for the 4th week already. I’ve undergone 2 correction procedures. And the only thing I’m afraid of is that my eyes will look naked when I take them off because I got used to see my doll-eyelashes in the mirror. I don’t use mascara and it’s very convenient when I’m in a hurry.

Of course I’ve learnt to do neatly with them, sleep and put my clothes on carefully. I don’t know for how long I will care them but I brought my dream into life and there is no regret! Besides, long eyelashes are a Spring – Summer 2009 trend!

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