Ultimate Secrets for Perfect Makeup

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Every woman knows that the main function of makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty: to highlight expressive eyes, to make your lips look plump, and to hide minor flaws, such as, uneven skin tone. While professional makeup artists help in choosing the right makeup, based on the shape of eyes, eyebrows, lips, skin tone – there are still universal tips that can be used by anybody. Here we present ultimate secrets for every face type for applying perfect makeup, so read on!

Best Beauty Secret for Every Face Type

Beauty Secrets


Let’s suppose you need to add volume to your lashes, but you don’t have an appropriate mascara in your purse. Do not despair- all you need is a loose powder! Sprinkle it over eyelashes and apply mascara on top. If you want an attractive open gaze, you can use pearly light shades. Apply the shades to the corner of the upper and lower eyelids.

If you want to visually enlarge your eyes, apply darker shades to the upper eyelid. If you need to transform daily makeup to evening one, just apply a bright shade on the upper eyelid under the eyebrows, and highlight the eyelashes line with a dark eye pencil.


If you need to refresh your make up quickly, you can use a damp cloth. Wipe the face, removing a layer of dirt that has accumulated since the makeup application. Then apply some powder for a smooth and matte finish.

To get rid of shine during the evening, it is not recommended to use the powder, better using the matting pads. If you want your makeup to look fresh all day, apply everything on a cleansed skin. Take three ice cubes from the refrigerator and rub your face with it, by making rapid circular motions and afterwards apply makeup. To freshen up tired skin, wipe it with mixture of lemon juice and water in equal proportion.

Beauty Secrets


An ordinary lipstick can jazz up your look instantly. If you are staying indoors for a long period of time, opt for matte shades of bright colors. If the setting is informal, try going for a glossy lipstick. If you want to make your lips look plump, apply a pencil of a lighter shade than your lipstick around the lip line. Put some cream on your lips first and then apply a matte lipstick. If you have thin lips, you should forget about lip gloss, instead use powder as a base for lipstick.

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