Trendy News: TopShop Makeup Line

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Trendy make up range launched by the British brand TopShop is available already in Europe. The line includes the duets of eye shadows, colorful mascara, eyelids pencils, glitters, lipsticks, lip glosses (liquid, creamy and balmy), creamy blushes, toners, highlighters, 28 hues of nail polishes.

TopShop makeup line

Hope that the collection is up to the mark as well. The price ranges around $20 for a piece.

TopShop trendy makeup range

Trendy makeup range by TopShop

Makeup collection by TopShop

TopShop makeup rangeTrendy makeup collection by TopShop

Trendy makeup line by TopShop

Makeup range by the make up brand TopShop

Makeup line by TopShop

TopShop trendy makeup collection

Makeup range by TopShop

TopShop makeup trendy range

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