“Touch of perfection” by Make up Factory

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Make up Factory launches the new collection “Touch of Perfection” neutral palette for Christmas 2012. Lets check it out!

“Make up Factory” New Collection for Holiday 2012 Season

The new collection by “Make up Factory” for Holiday 2012 is concentrating on making your skin perfect, without unnecessary glitter and sparks. The most important points is that it leaves your skin with all-natural look while concealing the not so perfect spots.

The collection includes Cover Up Concealer Kit, a concealer and powder palettes ranging in two hues: Bright Light and Dark Medium; light reflecting concealer in Luminous Beige Sand and Luminous Sand for your eyes; Camouflage Cream in Porcelain Bright, Natural Soft Beige, Soft Peach and Soft Honey for any skin problems; Fixing Powder to be used after camouflage cream, sponge, spatula and powder brush. Make up factory got you ready for the new Holiday season!

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