Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters

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Well, smoky eye makeup is sooo popular among celebrities nowadays. No one significant red carpet event goes without a pair of expressive smoky eyes. And it isn’t surprising because properly made smoky eye makeup can do marvels and put your beautiful eyes in a favorable light. But unfortunately not every celebrated diva understands that everything should be done moderately, and the same goes for smoky eyes as well. Here are I’d like to show you which smoky eye looks one should absolutely avoid, as it is well known that better to learn wisdom by the follies of others. Thus go on reading, top 4 smoky eye makeup disasters are just below:

Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters

Taylor Momsen

No wonder, Taylor Momsen is an iron queen of smoky eye makeup disasters. That’s absolutely terrible and no more comments, just look at her:

Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters : Taylor Momsen

Taylor, don’t you see that you look like panda, the same black circles round your eyes. Your smoky eye look is an absolute disaster! You justly take the first place in the list of smoky eye makeup disasters. Congrats!

Leighton Meester

We always used to envy Leighton Meester’s gorgeous look, but as it could happen even to a bishop, Leighton Meester is not an exception. She also had some very very very bad makeup days! Once Leighton turn her purple smoky eye makeup into a terrible disaster more similar to shiners than smoky eyes:

Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters : Leighton Meester

To avoid that ‘bruise like’ makeup you should be very careful while choosing eyeshadow tint for your smoky eyes, and if you dare to opt for purple shades be very careful with applying in order not to get the same disastrous result as Leighton Meester’s got.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is undoubtful supermodel of all times! She looks very gorgeous and you may ask me what has happened to her and why has she appeared in the list of makeup disasters. Well, to my sorrow even Claudia Schiffer has distinguished herself with smoky eye makeup disaster, having appeared at the Graduate Fashion Week Gala (London) last year.

Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters : Claudia Schiffer

Hope it was the first and the last time we contemplated Claudia with that scary VAMPiric makeup look.

Katy Perry

Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters : Katy Perry

Even this glamorous diva got in the list of “smoky disasters”. Maybe nowadays Katy Perry looks perfect but there were times when she was noticed with absolutely terrible dingy greenish smoky eyes. That awful green eyeshadow were applied almost to the bridge of the nose that irreversibly spoiled her smoky eye makeup look, having turned into an absolute makeup disaster.

Learn how to DIY sexy smoky eyes properly to avoid smoky eye makeup disaster…

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One Response to “Top 4 Smoky Eye Makeup Disasters”
  1. Nikkalie Says:

    Okay the first one is supposed to be dramatic, it’s for a runway show, obviously. You wouldn’t wear that in public, so it’s not a disaster. Taylor Momsen wears dark makeup. It’s not a disaster and calling her a panda is a little mean. The other ones I can agree with, they’re just baaaad..

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