Tips to Restore After the Sleepless Night

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No matter what you did at night, but if you can hardly awake in the morning don’t hurry to your mirror. I doubt that you will like you reflection. But cheer up! Here are some must-be-done tips to restore yourself.

  • First of all, run to the shower! Contrast sprays are the life-giving force for you!

Washing Up Girl

  • Then apply the moisterizing mask for 15-20 minutes.
  • Sponge the eyes with an ice herbal or lemon cube after the mask. It will tone up the skin.
  • Vitamin cocktail: 1 orange and 1 carrot!
  • After the moisterizing “measures” put the foundation on to the skin.
  • Hide the inevitable under-eyes-circles by the concealer.
  • Instead of the blush use the bronze tint to fresh up the face.
  • Put the drops into the eyes. And take the drops with you.
  • Outline the inner side of the inferior eyelid with the white pencil that’ll eliminate the eye redness.

Make Up

  • Stress out the eyes by the natural mother-of-pearl hue.
  • Shade the light eye shadows at the inner eye corner to open the look.
  • Emphasize the eyelash growth line with the dark pencil.
  • Apply the mascara.
  • Cover the lips with the lip gloss.
  • The after-sleepless-night-make-up is ready!

Smiling Girl

Don’t forget to drink more cold water or juices during the day and put the drops into the eyes.

But that night you’d better sleep well!
What are your secret tips in such situations?

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3 Responses to “Tips to Restore After the Sleepless Night”
  1. Rachel Says:

    sometimes it’s just better to stay at home and sleep well!

  2. Rowy Says:

    if you have so much time to do a mask and all, you also would have time to just stay a little bit longer in bed ! ^^

  3. Carmen Says:

    ya, but 30 more minutes of sleep doesn’t do what 30 minutes of prepping does. you’d look way better after all this than if you took this time to sleep.

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