Tips to Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing

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The worst thing about wearing eyeshadow in Summer is that it creases and fades, but you can do a few simple things to avoid it. Keep reading for 4 tips to prevent eyeshadow from creasing and keep you looking fabulous all day long.

How to Keep Eyeshadow from Creasing

Tips to Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing

Never Skip Applying Primer

The first step to prevent eyeshadow from creasing is to apply primer each time before applying eyeshadow. You also can use liquid foundation instead, but keep in mind that formula specially designed as an eye primer can guarantee longer effect.

But Skip Applying Eye Cream

When it comes to preventing eyeshadow from creasing , makeup artists recommend skipping eye cream application. The matter is that it is too heavy for delicate eye skin and it only worsens the situation, making your lid skin oily and provoking eyeshadow creasing.

Tips to Prevent Eyeshadow from Creasing

Go for Powder Shadow

Cream eyeshadow tends to crease more than its powder counterpart, that is why we recommend you to opt for powder shadow. Build up thin layers of the chosen eyeshadow tint, using a flat-head shadow brush to set in.

Fix the Result

Just a slight veil of translucent powder is enough to keep eyeshadow from creasing for longer. Besides, makeup artists advise applying a swipe of translucent powder to your whole face, including eyelids, before applying makeup to create a dry base.

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