Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

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Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a big part of makeup. It defines eyes and gives your look an instant lift which you can use to turn back the clock or make sexy feline eyes and use it for many other makeup tricks. Eyeliner can go alone with mascara-coated lashes or it can become a base for your eye makeup with various shades of shadows. Here I will tell about types of eyeliner, things to consider when choosing eyeliner and some useful tips on applying eyeliner right and without much effort.

Pencil Eyeliner

Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is one of the most popular types of eyeliner as it is easy to use. When choosing pencil eyeliner, any type of eyeliner in fact, opt for high-quality products as this product comes in close contact with your eyes same as mascara. So it is very important that the product is high-quality, safe and tested. The wood should be natural and the eyeliner formula should suit your skin. If it’s sensitive then choose eyeliner designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Always sharpen the pencil before use. It will remove the bacteria buildup after previous use but be careful and don’t sharpen it much or you may hurt sensitive eyelid skin. Soft pencils are great for drawing thick rich line while solid pencils last longer and are used for making thin lines. Solid pencils should be used carefully as they too may hurt sensitive eyelid skin.

Pencil Eyeliner Tips:

  • Apply eyeliner after you have applied eyeshadow if you want a well-defined eye and wing.
  • To make your eyeliner last longer apply primer or some mineral powder on to your lid.
  • Stretch eyelid gently to make it easier to draw the wing.
  • Dot the future line first in order to make it well-shaped. Then it will be easier for you to draw a good beautiful line and wing.
  • Try draw the line closer to your lash line in order to define eyes well.
  • Then you can apply shadows over the line in same color as eyeliner to make the line stand out and look more effective.

Liquid Eyeliner

Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner usually comes in little tubes or bottles with a pointed brush for easier application. Liquid eyeliner is more rich in color and last longer that pencil eyeliner. When it dries on your lid it doesn’t smudge unless you are exposed to water, however there are waterproof formulas as well.

Liquid Eyeliner Tips:

  • Liquid eyeliner is also applied over the eyeshadow base.
  • Before application make sure there is no much of product on the brush.
  • Be sure you have something to lean your elbow on in order to prevent your hand from shaking and drawing a crooked unflattering line.
  • Dot your line first. Even if the color is not rich outline your future line first rather than drawing it at once.
  • The dots should be thinner than your future line.
  • If you are satisfied with the outline you can go over the dots to make a line.
  • Do not stretch your lid when applying liquid eyeliner.

Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Liquid pencil eyeliner works the same as the liquid eyeliner only it has a convenient shape of a thick pencil to provide smooth application. It also gives out measured amount of product. The line is not so rich in color as after liquid eyeliner but it’s good for starters.

Gel Eyeliner

Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is the same as cake eyeliner only it works without water. It is also applied as the liquid eyeliner only it has less liquid formula.

Cake Eyeliner

Tips to Choosing and Applying Eyeliner

Cake eyeliner is a professional eyeliner is activated by water. Professionals use it to create various styles of eye makeup. To use this eyeliner one needs a good steady hand and a creative vision.

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