Tips on perfect lashes: how to make the most of any mascara

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Tips on perfect lashes: how to make the most of any mascara

Apart from magical mascara wands and formulas you still need a little practice and tips on getting the perfect lashes. Sometimes even a simple standard wand and mascara can make your lashes sexy curvy and simply perfect. Want to know how to make the most of any mascara? Follow our tips on perfect lashes!

Before applying mascara make sure your wand has even amount of product on it, without any globs or clumps. Dad dab your wand carefully inside the tube to remove the excess of mascara. Note that if it stays on the edge of the tube it will dry and get inside the tube as clump. You can also use tissue for removing the product drops and clumps.

Tips on perfect lashes: how to make the most of any mascara

If you want an additional curve do not be afraid to use lash curler. It takes a little practice to curl your lashes skilfully, but it gives them that special curve if your mascara doesn’t.


If using lash primer, wait 30 seconds till it dries so that your mascara didn’t get mixed with the primer loosing the color intensity.

When applying mascara make a zig-zag movement from the roots to the tips. This will help separate your lashes so that they don’t stick together like spider legs.

In order to make your eyes appear bigger coat your inner lashes as well. Otherwise your eyes will seem set close together and narrower.

Do not let your first coats of mascara dry completely before applying second coats. While applying mascara to one of your eyes it will be enough time for one coat to dry.

Right after applying mascara you can sweep your lashes with a special lash brush or a clean brush from your old mascara to remove the excess of product and separate your lashes.

Different mascara types

Tips on perfect lashes: how to make the most of any mascara

Clear mascara is perfect for creating natural look. You can also use it as a brow gel which will help define your brows. You can apply it after sweeping your brows with shadows to fill in the nude spots.

Glitter mascaras are just ‘in’ for holidays. Want to shine? You can apply it instantly but note that most of glitter mascaras are clear with added glitter, so if you need volume and length you may first apply your regular black or brown mascara, you can also match it with other colored mascaras.

After your mascara completely dried apply the glitter mascara slowly and carefully so that glitter particles stayed on the lashes. Though avoid applying it too close to the lash line as the glitter can get into your eyes and irritate them.


If you had an eye infection or illness replace your mascara. We put the germs into the tubes with the wand and then again put them on our lashes. If you had a swollen eye it could be because of your mascara too, so after getting well use a new mascara.

As it was said before you can reuse the wand from your old mascara. Just wipe it with the makeup remover or better wash as described in our post on makeup brushes care.

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  1. madison Says:

    So love your SITE~! Gorgeous! and all you share~! Thank you..I love eyelash curlers and love the Hot Lashes heated lash curler,,I know you mention curlers as crucial to makeup routine. I personally have found that this heated one is the best and the curl last the longest..It is my cult favorite now,The Best ever!
    Thanks for all you do~~~

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