Tips on Creating Sexy Smoky Eyes

There is nothing that looks sexier than smoky eyes. And that’s why no wonder that this classic, elegant and really hot smoky eye makeup has captured everybody. Learn our tips on creating those sexy smoky eyes.

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You don’t have to be a fabulous makeup artist to create sexy smoky eye look. Just follow our tips on creating sexy smoky eyes and rock this never-outmoded hot makeup look.

Tips on Creating Sexy Smoky Eyes

#1: Prepare your Eyes

If you want your smoky eye makeup last, prepare your eyes first. Apply a bit of primer first, let it dry and then go on with concealer. Apply it to the area under eyes and to the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure you shade it carefully and the tone suits your complexion perfectly.

#2: Apply Neutral Eyeshadow Shade

Choose neutral eyeshadow shade that works best on you. Apply it to your eyelids, and from lash line to brow bone at that.

#3: Line your Eyes

Take a black soft pencil to line your eyes. Line your upper lid and lower lash line, getting as close to your lashes as possible. And then using an eyeshadow brush, go over the liner to soften the effect.

#4: Apply Black Eyeshadow Shade

Now it is time to apply a bit of black eyeshadow shade over your softened liner. Make sure you smudge it carefully. It is better to make it using sponge-tipped brush or simply with your fingers.

#5: Apply the Basic Eyeshadow Shade

Go for a brown or gray eyeshadow shade to get the classic version of smoky eyes. It is better to apply it using an eyeshadow brush moving from the lash line to the crease of the eyelid, ending under your brow bone.

#6: Flap away the rest

Flap away eyeshadow from the under-eye area using wide powder brush.

#7: Mascara your Lashes

And the final step is to apply a bit of mascara to your lashes to make your eyes pop.

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