Tips on Choosing Make up Mirror

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Few would think that besides worrying about quality of their makeup, what also needs to be considered is a makeup mirror. While you might have a whole mini studio dedicated to your make up and a large wall-mounted mirror, you still need a handy one.

makeup mirror types

Magnifying Make Up Mirror

Well, when we talk about makeup mirror, of course we mean magnifying mirror. The magnifying power is important as it allows you to get the perfect make up and comes really handy when you are tweezing your eyebrows. The common mirror of this type comes from 1x to 12x magnifying capacity, and it is up to you to choose.

Another important factor to consider is the shape. Of course, the circle is a perfect one, however there are also Swivel mirrors, which are double sided, with different magnifying capacity on each side. These are perfect, if you need to create a flawless make up.

makeup mirror types

There are also the regular variations that are not rotating and aren’t double-sided. These are the most popular options. Your search should be based on the price range, because the makeup mirrors can vary anywhere from $10 to $100. Once you decide on the price, it will all be much easier.

Another feature worth mentioning is the illumination. We are not talking about the big bulbs that surround the mirror like in retro movies but the elegant small LED lights, which allow you to apply perfect make up. There are also versions that are of decorative value encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Such decorative make up mirrors are the celebrity-worthy lots that can be granted as gifts.

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  1. Jennifer Clanton Says:

    Nice article! I often choose 7 – 10x magnifying, That’s enough to me.

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