Tinted Moisturizer vs. Foundation

Tinted moisturizer is a regular moisturizing product with a bit of color that helps even out skin tone and give healthy glow. Foundation is a well known product that covers up little blemishes and can give skin that matte effect.

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Tinted Moisturizer vs. Foundation

The tinted moisturizer and foundation certainly have their differences. The former is lightweight and has less color in it while the latter is heavier and opaque. Which one is to choose might also depend on the skin condition. Both tinted moisturizer and foundation come with SPF effect.

Tinted moisturizer is light on the skin and is transparent. It gives a healthy and radiant glow to the skin but it doesn’t cover up blemishes and scars as foundation does. It can help even out the skin tone and provide with base for dewy makeup. There are oil-free moisturizers that suit oily skin.

Foundation can be lightweight but it still has more color than a tinted moisturizer. Foundation is for those who want to achieve flawless skin and want to cover up some unevenness of skin. Foundation is heavier on the skin since it doesn’t sink in as tinted moisturizer does.

Since the foundation provides a smooth layer of colored product it should be picked very carefully and match the skin tone perfectly. Tinted moisturizer, too has to be chosen according to skin tone though it’s more sheer. So when choosing between tinted moisturizer and foundation think about the priorities – natural glow or full coverage and smooth complexion.

You can also make a tinted moisturizer yourself by mixing up the foundation with moisturizer before application or by adding a few drops of foundation into moisturizer. Thus it’s easy to control the foundation‘s thickness and level of coverage.

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