Thandie Newton’s Simple Skin Care Regime

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The British actress, Thandie Newton easily maintains her beautiful glow using the simple long-term skincare regime. The secret is in treating and moisturizing skin well the way her mother taught her one day.

The 2012 actress Thandie Newton's skincare regime

Thandie Newton said:

“As soon as I was old enough to understand about moisturiser, my mum plunged a bottle into my hand.”

She also added:

“It’s taught me to love treating my skin well – I love putting the same care into my skin as I would my body. My skincare regime is simple: good food and lots of moisturiser. Olay Total Effects is usually all I need.”

The face of the Olay Total Effects range plans to share the moisturizing advice to her own daughters Ripley, 10, and Nico, 6, when they grow old enough.

She told Stylist magazine:

“I will tell my daughters, just as my mother told me, to treat yourself as a holistic entity: respect your body and you will be beautiful and celebrate that with a bit of glitter.”

Treating her body with respect, the 2012 actress, revealed her opinion of make-up saying that it should be worn as an “accessory”.

She said:

“I think of make-up as an accessory, just as jewellery would be. It’s a way to accentuate the attributes you already have, after all.”

Thandie Newton’s skin care skills deserve being followed, to my mind, as the competent knowledge backed by the real example is the best proof of what she claims.

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  1. jerry tate Says:

    hi thandie iam shy but love you hope to meet you onday

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