Taylor Swift Shines at Billboard Awards

See Taylor Swift shine at Billboard Awards with her straightened locks and metallic strapless maxi dress. Get some tips on looking shiny.

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Taylor Swift Shines at Billboard Awards

I like it when Taylor Swift straightens her hair. Smooth loose waves suit her slim face and figure very much. Clad in nude sparkling Elie Saab gown Taylor truly shines at Billboard Awards where she’s got an Album Of The Year award. And the makeup is simply perfect for this romantic look.

It’s not stripped of color but it’s also not too bright. Rosy eyeshadow compliment her skin tone and gown while the waterline is filled with white eyeliner. The inner corners of her eyes shine with shimmer. Rose pink lipstick is a cool choice too because it suits the overall color theme of the look and it’s quiet bright too. Very spring, fresh and light.

As for hairstyle, Taylor Swift has ditched her signature curls for the night and went with straightened hair, however styled in loose retro waves. The classic look: one side is swept behind the right ear while the long waved fringe falls over one eye. Overall look is great and Taylor has definitely stood out on the Billboard Awards‘ red carpet.

The real secret of this look beside a sparkly gown is a flawless complexion, right makeup shades for the skin tone, and loose waves.  The best way to achieve a flawless complexion is to exfoliate skin before putting on makeup. Let your skin absorb moisturizer, then apply the foundation that matches your skin tone. The lipstick shade should always compliment your skin tone as well. The hair waves are not stiff, they are loose and very effortless-looking.

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