Summer Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

Summer is already round the corner, and it is the very time when our skin gets this fabulous sun touch. Thus it is absolutely essential to adapt usual makeup to your tanned skin to look gorgeous. Learn our makeup tips for tanned skin in order to do your summer makeup properly.

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Usually in summer our skin gets a perfect golden tan that makes us look irresistible and greatly changes our appearance, therefore makeup for tanned skin also has some certain peculiarities that differ it from usual makeup look.

Summer Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

As it is widely known makeup should be chosen in accordance to the face skin tone, eye color, hair color and etc. But you should also remember that the right selection of makeup very often depends on the season. For instance in summer when our face skin gets a tan, it is necessary to select makeup colors in accordance to these differences.

If your tan is even you needn’t to abuse matte cosmetic products such as various types of foundations, powders as tan itself is one of the best means to conceal all the skin imperfections. If you apply blush and powder then opt for the light-textured ones.

Summer Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

Summer is also the time for very active sun that is harmful for our skin thus it is better to use high SPF sunscreens as well as foundation and powder with UV-filters. Moreover such makeup products can help to conceal oily sheen.

Be very careful while choosing the colors of your summer makeup. It is better to ‘skirt’ bright eyeshadow and lipstick shades, opting for soft natural colors that would never better enhance your beautiful golden tan.

Nude shades of lipstick are the perfect option for summer lip makeup. And put aside your lip pencils as lip contour looks coarse on the tanned skin. If you want to add volume to your lips use lip gloss, but again here it is better to opt for light shades containing SPF. Lipsticks chosen for summer makeup should also contain UV-filters.

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