Summer Makeup Must-Haves

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As summer draws near it’s time to get rid of heavy makeup essentials and better off sort all the cosmetic products in our makeup bags, totes, and bathrooms vanities. Some of them might be expired. In summer makeup is usually light and spare as some products simply can’t stand the summer heat and wear off easily with sweat. Let the skin rest during summer.

Trendy Summer Must-Haves

SPF cream or tinted moisturizer

If you absolutely need some coverage opt for tinted moisturizer with SPF instead of foundation. It is lightweight as well as can help even out the skin tone. To make your favorite foundation more lightweight add a drop of it to the SPF cream.

Lipstick vs. Mascara

Mascara-less eyes are trendy this season but it can be sported for an everyday look. Since during daytime the eyes are covered by sunglasses you can opt for accentuating your lips instead. Opt for lightweight lipstick or lip tint with SPF. It will give your face a splash of color but will still look summer-like. Though in case of bare face trend you can skip both.


Blush makes it to this summer must-have list as it can be worn all on its own. No additional makeup needed. Choose a complementing hue in a complementing shade and apply to the apples of the cheeks. Blend well and make the look softer if you wear only blush. It can be intensified a little bit if you add bright lipstick for an evening look.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner is optional but it’s best left for evenings when the heat is not strong. Then it will be easier to maintain the look as it will last longer than during hot daytime.

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