Summer Beauty Tips: Waterproof Makeup

Summer has finally come! And surely usual makeup products wouldn’t cope with this pool-party time, but don’t give up as our summer beauty tips will help you. Waterproof makeup is actually what you need to look flawless in summer.

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Summer Beauty Tips: Waterproof Makeup

The usage of usual makeup products doesn’t fit into hot summer time. Our skin sweats and gets wet and that is why our makeup trickles down with beads of sweat. But waterproof makeup will help you to look flawless even in summer.

Advantages of waterproof cosmetics are obvious. It doesn’t melt in hot summer time! Depending on the level of cosmetic waterproofness it can be divided into waterproof and moisture-resistant. The first one is set for people who stay in water for long periods of time, such as girls performing synchronized swimming, while the second one is enough for every-day usage.

Waterproof makeup application requires minimum special skills. Remember that you shouldn’t apply primer or any other makeup base before the application of waterproof foundation. Otherwise it will trickle down. Lasting makeup foundation wouldn’t stain your clothes and moreover it has a lifting effect. If to speak about waterproof lipstick, you need to remember that it is necessary to keep your mouth open for several seconds after the application of waterproof lipstick to get the desirable water-resistant effect.

But in spite of all these waterproof cosmetics advantages, beauty specialist recommend not to abuse its usage, as its component, silicone dries out skin, while water-resistant film doesn’t let your skin breathe. That is why you should minimize the usage of waterproof cosmetics and don’t forget to wash it off carefully every time using special toners set for waterproof makeup products.

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