Summer 2011: Trendy Makeup Colors

Summer as usual requires light textures, bold colors and glowing look. And here not only fashion trends are included as your beauty look is not less important. We’ve sorted out the makeup colors for you to look trendy in hot Summer 2011.

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Summer makeup usually means minimum usage of makeup products. But minimum doesn’t mean absence that’s why we’ve sorted out several makeup colors every fashionista should keep in mind to look trendy in Summer 2011.

Berry Pouts

Summer 2011: Trendy Makeup Colors

Juicy strawberry and raspberry lipstick shades are the must-haves for Summer 2011 makeup, especially if combined with ultra-fashionable matte effect. Such bright berry pouts can easily revive your beauty look adding alluring fresh zest. But remember two basic no-nos to avoid a makeup disaster.

Summer 2011: Trendy Makeup Colors

Firstly bright pouts must NOT be coupled with dramatic eye makeup! Never! Not at any prix! And second make sure you bright lip makeup suits your complexion.

Peachy Cheeks

Summer 2011: Trendy Makeup Colors

If it concerns summer makeup we instinctively prefer light textured makeup products, that’s why makeup artists unanimously advise us to opt for powder blush instead of its gel counterpart. Concerning color, peachy hues are indispensible for trendy summer 2011 makeup. Freshen up your beauty look slightly touching the apples of cheeks with peachy colored blush. For cooler complexion turn to the pinkish version of peachy blush, while shade that has more orange will be the most suitable for the warmer skin tone.

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