Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

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Ah, fashion world, you think far into the future. Here are some Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends that have been sported at Fashion Week and will surely live into the Spring/Summer 2011 season. And if you are a fan of colorful shades and bold lips, glitter and electric eyeliner then you’ll love Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends.

Colorful shadows

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Love bright colors? Try the look Christian Dior chose for Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show. Green, blue, red, orange, yellow and hot pink, whatever your peckish heart desires. Pair with cat eyeliner and natural-looking falsies. Can even add some bold-colored lipstick. You can do everything this spring. Bold eyebrows will still be ‘in’ for Spring/Summer 2011 season a bit darker than the hair color. By the way look at those curls and fringes. They are retro and uneven. My, it’s going to be a one beauty-rules-breaking season.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

If for Christian Dior look you apply shadows only to the upper lid to achieve the look Etro’s models sported on the runway you should make lavender circles around your eyes. Blend well and don’t forget to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, because lavender and purple accentuates them. Brow-high eye makeup paired with brown or orange blush and copper or nude lips will make a great fashion statement.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Create a romantic look with Narciso Rodriguez look. Coral red combined with white as eyeliner matched with rose pink lips looks gentle and appealing. I am not thrilled with the combo picked by Betsey Johnson as I am deeply convinced that you can’t mix green and pink together but hey, it’s a season when you can break the rules and combine things that usually don’t go together. To get the look apply solid green shadows onto your eyelid and start blending upwards to the brow bone and a bit beyond the brow line. Apply only to the outer half of the lower lid. Add black eyeliner and mascara, pink blush and lipstick.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

L.A.M.B.chose multi-shade makeup combining solid yellow and golden. It also requires the skill of eyeliner application as it makes the look bold and sexy. Note that the lower line is thicker than the upper one. Apply shimmer in the inner corner of your eye, then yellow shadow to the upper lid, not going beyond the crease though. Then take brown gold and start at the crease and blend toward the nose bridge. Then go way beyond your brow line but leave a nude space at the brow arch. To make this makeup neat place a piece of sticky tape where your eye ends and only then apply shadow and eyeliner that goes beyond your brow line. It will give you a sharp defined look. Complete with copper blush and sheer pink lip-gloss.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Other hot makeup trends you can take your inspiration from were chosen by Jason Wu and Derek Lam. Metallic shades of green, golden and white silver. To get Jason Wu look just make a combo of golden and green metallic shades. Apply golden to the inner corner and green to the outer part of the eye. Also use sticky tape to get a perfect wing. Green here is the key shade while gold is complementary.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

To get Derek Lam look apply red shadows to the upper eyelid like thick eyeliner. Then take metallic white silver and start at the bridge going all the way up to the brow and create a triangle, it can be seen in the picture.

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

‘Never match your makeup to your dress’ is another rule to break in Spring/Summer 2011. Mark Fast proved that it can be very sexy and cool. To get the look pick a shade that goes well or is the same as your outfit color and apply richly around the eyes. Add shimmer to the inner corner of the eye to make it stand out from almost raccoon makeup. Electric blue glitter or silver and gold will do just great.

Electric Eyeliner

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Not a fan of shadows? Try eyeliner of electric colors like Dennis Basso’s models wear. Blue, orange or other, apply on the upper lid, highlight with shimmer in the inside corner of your eyes. A touch of mascara and voila colorful but tamed look.

Faded smokey eyes

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Smokey eyes are a classic makeup style. So it’s pretty much always ‘in’ with minor changes. However, Spring/Summer 2011 smokey eye is tamed and faded. Giorgio Armani chose blue as the center color very well blended while Just Cavallis smokey eyes haven’t changed much. To get the look sported by Giorgio Armani’s models apply blue to both lids. Blend toward the bridge at the upper lid and toward the end of the eye at the lower lid. Add copper or brown shade to outer corner of the eye. Ditch your eyeliner and mascara to achieve faded look.

Natural makeup

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Natural makeup will live through the Spring/Summer 2011 season. What can be more suitable for the warm season? Flawless complexion, sun-kissed skin and silky lips. Follow our nude makeup step-by-step guide to achieve the look. To make sun-kissed skin dab bronzer to the highest points of your face.

Bold Lips

Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends

Bring in your sex appeal after the cold dull season with some bright lipstick colors. Anything from red, hot pink to orange and coral red will attract maximum attention. Not to lose the rest of the face to the bright spot go for black rich lashes with couple of coats of mascara. You can add sheer shadows to your eyes but make sure you not overdo it. Go for copper shades or tints that are a bit darker than your skin-color. To prevent bleeding lipstick prime your lips with a bit of foundation, lip-colored lip liner or complimentary shades to your lipstick.

What do you think of Spring/Summer 2011 Hot Makeup Trends?

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  1. Sharon Says:

    OMG these women look like zombies! That is some seriously scary makeup. I see the zombie apocalypse is starting early, compliments of the world’s top fashion designers.

  2. Naomi Says:

    excuse me @sharon? they don’t look like zombies, they’re not that even sickly thin looking like anorexic teenagers out there. those models look beautiful.

  3. Shma Says:

    Bad one………..

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