Small Eyes Makeup Tips From Renee Zellweger

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Renee Zellweger has a wonderful snowy-white skin, a charming smile and pretty small eyes. But as they say, better small and expressive than big and vacuous.

Nevertheless, Renee is so radiating with her perfect natural make up and makeup artists always know how to accentuate her blue eyes.


Here the actress’s stylists share their secrets for small eyes so that they can look impressive and don’t “lose” on the face.

5 need-to-know tips!

  • Don’t use too dark shadows (matt in particularly) as they make your eyes look even smaller just like small dark spots on the face. You’d better turn your choice in favor of light and natural tints that widen the eyes visually.
  • Don’t “draw” the thick black lines on your eyes, because they create a look of a heavy beetling eyelid. On the contrary, use eyeliners of soft grey, brown, blue or green hues.


  • Make a brow correction. Too thick and wide eyebrows hanging over the small eyes reduce them to the chink. Shape your brows into the accurate form of a smooth arch.
  • Use an optical nacre capability to enlarge the things. Apply mother-of-pearl or shimmering shadows onto the opper eyelid that will open them widely. Then outline the inner eye corner with a light nacre liner.
  • Use lengthening mascara. Curl the eyelashes with a lash curler as long lashes make the eyes look bigger visually.


Your day make up can consist of light glimmering eye shadows, two mascara layers and neatly brushed brows.

You’ll have to spend more time for the evening one.

1. Apply the shadows.

2. Outline the lower lid.

3. Shade the pencil-liner with shadows of the appropriate tint creating the smoky effect.

4. Curl the eyelashes and put on mascara.

5. Now shape your eyebrows, shadow or pencil them ad fix with a colorless gel.

For some special appearance apply tiny strasses at the outer eye corners and use fake lashes.



Black inner lid liner looks good when one has big eyes, but this device turns small eyes into even smaller ones. Try white pencil instead that will open your eyes.

The Bridget Jones’s Diary actress doesn’t suffer from the small eyes inferiority complex as she always knows the tricks how to deal with them. Look into the mirror and never believe yourself that you can’t do anything with your small eyes! That’s not true! And Renee Zellweger proves it!

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  1. tambi griffith Says:

    i have long hair an only very lil perm left so i am going to roll my hair in old fashion rollers but do the large ones goon top to give the bounce- height or do the med rolers go on top?

  2. tambi griffith Says:

    i never got the answer please reveal it 1 more x

  3. mirvari Says:


  4. Zia Says:

    “or this will reduce your eyes to the chink”? Are you serious? Asian eyes are way prettier than western eyes!

  5. Offended Says:

    I am quite offended by the “chink” comment mentioned in the guide as well

  6. maquiagens Says:

    Nice tips, i hope i can do well.

  7. mai Says:

    im asian im not offended at all lol

  8. Natilee Says:

    Thanks I am a teen and is always jelous of big eyes thanks for the tips can’t wait to try them out. BTW Asian eyes are sexy my BFF has them and they suit her don’t knock your self down.

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