Skin Color Seasons: Cool Skin Tone Type

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Going back to the Skin Color Seasons, let’s talk about the winter and summer type that is called cool skin type.

There are some comparative characteristics of this skin color type:

The basic tone of summer nuances – blue. That is why the tints of this type are more subdued, light and fuzzy than the nuances of the same basic tone for winter gamut.

The basic tone of winter nuances – always blue. But they are definitely more exact and clear than the allied summer ones.

Celebs of the Cold Skin Tone

Summer tone type women are typical for:

There are 3 variants of the summer skin tone.
1. Smoothly pail face skin tone.

2. The skin is transpierced with the thin vessels of the cold pink hue.

3. Light skin of the olive tone.

The summer tone type gets the tan well (the exception is the extremely light summer skin variants). The skin tint becomes noble, cool olive that never obtains a red subtone.

Freckles – moles and freckles (if there are any) always have grey or ash gray hue (no gold or reed-brown tint).

Lips – Cold pink.

Eyes – Grey, grey-blue, violet-blue, green-blue, dark-blue, and dark-brown.

Hair – Summer tone type people are characteristic for ash hue that goes perfectly with the cold skin, eyes and lips tone. The natural hair color is usually ash-brown. If the summer type woman has light hair, they are of ash hue as a rule.

If you like streaking, you’d better choose platinum-light tints. If you want to try the red one, there should be red color with a blue hue. Avoid too dark or black colors when dyeing otherwise there will be a rough contrast between your hair and skin tone.

Drew Barrymore

Winter tone type women are typical for:

There are 2 variants of the winter skin tone.

1. Snow White – extremely light, almost “transparent”, and clean, noble skin. Soft pink color is very rare. The skin gains an olive hue when tanning.

2. South type – cool olive skin tone. It acquires an intensive olive tan.

Eyebrows and eyelashes – dark. It’s a characteristic feature for winter color type.

Lips – the lips are with cold subtone.

Hair – dark-brown, brown-black, black with natural blue hue. Light skin tone and dark hair create the winter typical bright contrast between light and dark.

Winter tone type women are best with light-silver, bluish, and blue-violet locks when streaking. Don’t choose red tints for dyeing as they make the winter-tone-type-look cheap. Instead try an eggplant color, dark-brown or black.

Eyes – natural eyes colors are: ice-blue, turquoise-blue, blue, violet-blue, green, grey, grey-blue, black-brown, black or walnut.

Celebs of the cold skin tone: Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox, Madonna, Reese Wiserspoone, Dita Von Teese and others.

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3 Responses to “Skin Color Seasons: Cool Skin Tone Type”
  1. Faith Jones Says:

    Hey! i actually love all of this stuff its a great way to get to know yourself and know how you “truly” look like. today i discovered i was a cool skin tone and now i have a whole bunch of tips to enhance my look from now on! Thanks!

  2. Just a lady Says:

    great advice, just because some people might have olive skin does not necessarily mean they are a warm type-it could have a blue undertone which means they are cool, that is why some people are very confused about that-this article explains it.
    There are some spelling mistakes though!

  3. kat Says:

    Thank you so much!!!

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