Shimmer Lipstick Holiday Look Ideas

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If you are hesistant to wear a shimmery lipstick everyday holidays is a perfect time to try. There are many different brands of lipstick and quite a few types of shimmer.

Shimmer Lip Look Ideas

White eyeliner and shinybred lipstick

Lip gloss type of shimmer is fine so it doesn’t stand out from lipstick pigment too much making for a moderate shine. You can actually recreate it with eyeshadow by applying it to your painted lips and locking it in with clear lip gloss or simply leaving it as powder. Also if you like ombre lips trend adding a bit of different color eyeshadow to your lipstick will create that same effect and actually help make your lips look bigger. Simply apply lighter shades in the center of your lips for the lip enhancing effect.

If you want more bling mixing clear lip gloss and glitter may do the trick but the base should be a colored lipstick. This is a more costume-y option and will look great in photos rather than in life but if you are attending a costume party, why not?

Hot pink lipstick

A frosted lipstick makes for a more refined look. Choose the right combination of textures and colors and your holiday look will be the envy of all.

Dark lipstick that is so trendy this year would look great in frosted version for holidays. You can pair it with eyeshadow in similar texture and still look classy. Red glitter lips and emerald green smokey eyes will look amazingly holiday-like and dramatic.

Shimmery dark lip

Pink glitter

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