Shaping Lips

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Perfect lips are the perfect view of your makeup.


Using lipliner is not only a good way to specify and redouble the shape of your lips but also to store your lipstick from weathering.

1. Put lipliner at the center of your natural upper lip line to detect the bow then work toward the outer corners to finish the line.

2. Begin at one corner of your bottom lip then tail your natural lip line all the way to the other corner.

Tip: Prefer a lipliner that matches your lipstick or a body tone shade for a natural and soft look.

Tip: To get plumper pale red looking lips, do not touch up by making a hard lip line; blacken it so lips look fuller!

For a more striking fullness, take a lipstick shade with a hint of frost.

Tip: To elude lipstick on your teeth put your index finger in your mouth and then make it out sluggishly with your mouth closed.

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