Sexy Smoky Eye Makeup in 2 Easy Steps with Max Factor

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I was always dreaming of wonderful cosmetic product that will include the entire smoky eyes set at once. And now I can prove that I have got it as Max Factor made my wish come true! Now it so easy to create sexy smoky eye makeup with Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadows that you will need only a couple of minutes to get the desirable smoky eyes. And moreover, just 2 easy steps separate you from uber sexy and sooo trendy smoky eye makeup look! Well, glory to Max Factor!

Sexy Smoky eye makeup in 2 easy steps with Max factor

Max Factor is known for its undeniable tendency to ease our life by simplifying the makeup application whether it be eye, lip or face makeup. Now welcome Max Factor latest innovation in eye makeup application-Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadows.

Today is all about how real women wear make-up, so gone is the 10 step smoky eye. Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect is the new beauty essential. It makes creating the smoky eye quick and easy and it’s available in a variety of shades to play up the latest eye trends and classic smoky looks,

the Creative Design Director Pat McGrath admits.

Sexy Smoky eye makeup in 2 easy steps with Max factor

And really The Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect eyeshadows could be a great choice to avoid beauty blunders and to create sexy smoky eye makeup in just 2 easy steps. The Max Factor Smoky eye effect eyeshadow palette includes 6 various trendy pairs of shades which have cream texture and don’t require special cosmetic tools usage. Each eyeshadow variation contains two ultra-voguish shades that are marked as Step 1 and Step 2.

So use these 2 easy steps to create a sexy smoky eye makeup look:

  • For openers apply the lighter shade, labeled the Step 1, to the whole eyelid going towards the bridge of your nose.
  • Then use the darker shade, labeled the Step 2, to accentuate the shape of your eyes applying it onto the outer corner of your eyes. And to get more natural look blend these 2 shades with your fingers.

Sexy Smoky eye makeup in 2 easy steps with Max factor

And of course don’t forget to apply mascara to complete your sexy smoky eye makeup look. Find difficulty in applying mascara properly; use our tips on perfect lashes to make the most of any mascara.

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