Salma Hayek Gets Her Own Nail Polish Collection

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Salma Hayek Gets Her Own Nail Polish Collection

Salma Hayek is one of the celebs who now has her own nail polish collection. While it’s common for pop stars like Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj to launch nail polishes with brands like O.P.I. A-listers like Hayek tend to stick with the beauty campaigns.

But the actress partnered with CVS to launch a mass-market beauty like called Nuancy that includes various cosmetic products as well as makeup. The line is inspired by Hayek’s cosmetologist grandmother and is designed to enhance women’s individual beauty.

I don’t know that many people in my position who would actually put that much time into it. It’s a lot easier to get a contract or say that you are doing the work when it’s really someone else. I don’t think my own agency—or even I—knew how stubborn I was going to be,

says the actress in the interview with Marie Claire. She spent time in the lab and researched various exotic ingredients to develop her extensive beauty line that’s not tested on animals and comes at affordable prices.

Salma Hayek Gets Her Own Nail Polish Collection

Comprised of eyeshadow, lip color, primers, and concealers, the only thing the line missed was nail polish. Till now. But Hayek took on the nail polish venture because of her daughter. She said:

One of the reasons for adding nail lacquer to the Nuance line was my daughter, Valentina. She is obsessed with the colors. I needed to create a formula that wasn’t very toxic, so you could put it on your children. We use many vitamins and minerals to nourish the nails, while also giving them color.

The star designed a safe nail polish collection for CVS that comprises over 30 hues. The Nuance nail polishes are not only three-free but also include natural botanical extracts and are chip resistant, and long wear.

The hues come in bright and neutral palettes as well as dark autumnly shades. So whether you like sophisticated nude manicure or a dramatic Fall mani Hayek’s nail polish collection can provide you with colors for either and more.

Colors range from different glamorous reds to metallic silver and grays and also include dark green, deep blue, and lilac. There is also a protective base coat and a clear top coat in the collection.

Finishes in these nail polishes are glossy as well as there are hues that come with sparkly metallic pearls. The extensive collection is available exclusively at CVS at $4.79 – $5.99 per bottle.

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