Rocking the blue eyeshadow this Fall

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Blue eyeshadow is one of the hottest makeup trends for Fall 2010. And there are different shades and makeup styles to choose from. Blue eyeshadow is tricky and said to work best with fair and dark skin, black or platinum hair, brown or gray eyes. Designers this year have shown that anyone can rock blue eyeshadow.
Rocking the blue eyeshadow this Fall

Basic tips for wearing blue: no dark circles under the eyes, you can tone those down with a bit of concealer. Do not match your blue eyeshadow with the tone of your blue eyes, as the eyeshadow will keep all attention to itself.  Choose the shade of blue which compliments your skin tone and makes your eyes pop.

Diane von Frustenberg showcased a multi-shade makeup of purple black and metallic blue. To emphasize the eyes use metallic blue at the inner corner of the eye. Matched with a smokey eye effect it will perfectly make your eyes pop. It is also great in terms that it works for all eye colors.

Derek Lam went for high-brow makeup style to create vampy look. Paired with copper lips and bold eyebrows it’s definitely a Fall 2010 look. To create the look of well-defined eyes use a bit of brown-copper solid shadow at the lower lash line.
Rocking the blue eyeshadow this Fall
For a more day look try on what Jason Wu chose for showcasing his collection. Washed lighter tones of blue only on the upper eyelid. The look is refreshing and eye-opening. You can experiment by adding a touch of mascara.

Blue eyeshadow has never looked so cool. The main key to success is blending of course and don’t forget about blue tint under your eyes. To avoid it drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. To disguise it add a bit of concealer and blend well with the foundation. Create matte, fair skin face and choose a right shade of blue to match your skin tone, eye color and you will be rocking the blue eyeshadow this fall proudly and gorgeously.

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