Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

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Red Lipstick is top trendy this Fall and Winter. So we decided to put up a Top 10 list of celebrities who rocked it best. You know that red lipstick doesn’t go well with any lips or skin tone, so be ready to enjoy celebrities who pulled off red lipstick and some tips on how to choose red shade for your skin tone, lip shape, how to apply and wear red lipstick.

Katy Perry

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Katy Perry is no stranger to bold lips and here she sports pink-red lipstick with her prominent cat eyes. The trick in choosing the right red shade for your skin tone is consider your hair color and the undertones of your skin. If you have pink undertones in your skin tone go for plum shades. The paler your skin is the brighter the lipstick will be as the will be a big contrast between your skin tone and lipstick shade.

Drew Barrymore

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Drew Barrymore can get away with almost any red shade as she has a fair complexion. Though sometimes her eyes appear too nude in comparison with the strong color of her lips, so it is important either going with brighter and milder red shades or accentuating your eyes a bit, mascara and warm-toned well-blended shadow will do.

Angelina Jolie

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Minimum eye makeup and luscious red lips. Note if you have thin lips go with brighter lipstick shades since dark and strong red hues will only make your lips appear thinner. When you applied lipstick dab lip gloss over to make your lips appear fuller. If you have light hair and darker skin tone (tan after hot summer days) go for yellow or orange undertones in your lipstick shade. If you have naturally darker skin tone though, try blue-based lipstick shade before.

Marion Cotillard

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Marion Cotillard went for coral red lipstick as it perfectly brings up the best in her fair skin tone. Her eyes bare only a touch of mascara and blush is barely noticeable. You can also put on a little of beige shadow if there is a big contrast between your eye and lip makeup.

Megan Fox

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Megan Fox pulles off red lipstick with ease. She can also wear naturally-looking falsies, eyeliner and light-pink shimmery eyeshadow and it will all look just fine. If you have dark hair and pale skin you can experiment with stronger coloring as the natural contrast gives you more options for that.


Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Rihanna looks amazing with her red lips and hair. Note how her red lips are precisely defined? Do not apply your red lipstick in a hurry. Do not use red lip liner as if it doesn’t perfectly match your lipstick shade you will end up having two-toned lips. Instead use skin-colored lip liner that matches your skin and to prevent bleeding dab concealer or foundation to the border of your lips.

Kate Bosworth

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Kate Bosworth looks amazing with her orange-based red lipstick, nude eyes and orange blush. If you have fair skin and light hair choose the red shade with yellow or orange undertones as it will enhance the light color in your hair. Note that lighter tones do not always work as well with strong coloring as darker tones.

Kim Kardashian

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Kim Kardashian looks great with these luscious red lips. She also wears her prominent false eyelashes and white eyeliner on her waterline, which serves as great ‘eye-opener’. Darker skin tone and darker hair work well with the red shades that have blue undertones. You can choose pinky tones or stronger colors as the darker tones in your hair and skin tone can withstand stronger colors and look good. The darker your skin tone and hair is the more color it requires to pop up on your face.

Rosario Dawson

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

Rosario Dawson looks fantastic wearing  orange-based red lipstick. You don’t necessarily have to use only blue or orange-based shades. Sometimes they both will work for you. In order to find out what shades compliment your skin tone best experiment with different tints. In case if you ended up buying the shade that is too strong or dark for you don’t hurry to throw it away. Try mixing it with other lipstick shades you have and you might get the perfect red shade.

Christina Hendricks

Red Lipstick: Top 10 celebrities who rocked it best

And finally gorgeous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks rocks red lipstick as she was born with it. Red hair, pale skin and blue eyes give her a perfect combination to sport tomato-red lipstick with luscious lashes and orange blush.

So as you already know red lips mean nude or minimum eye makeup. If you have manicure make sure it either matches your lip color perfectly or is of other color.

  • First put a thin layer of foundation or concealer to your lips and wait till it dries.
  • You can also dab face powder over to make sure the color will last longer.
  • Choose nude or skin-colored lip liner to make sure you don’t end up having two-toned lips.
  • After outlining your lips by natural lip line smudge your lip liner a bit to achieve more natural look. Do not go beyond your lip line as you may end up looking clownish.
  • Apply lipstick with help of lipstick brush as it will have just right amount of product.
  • Start at the center of your lips blending color to the sides of your lips.
  • Press clean tissue to your lips and get a second coat to make sure color stays long enough.
  • To make your lips fuller add lip gloss over the finished look.

Remember that yellow, brown and orange based shades of red can bring up the yellow color in your teeth. So be sure blue-based shades of red work for you and read our tips on how to get a Hollywood smile. See other celebrities sporting red lipstick.

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