Red eyeshadow Fall 2010 trend alert

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Trend alert: Red eyeshadow, huh? Daring, but pretty wearable. This is Fall 2010 and you surely have to try those at least once. As party makeup, perhaps? Cushnie et Ochs and Altuzarra chose red hues to accentuate the eyes of their models for AW 2010 shows. Let’s see how best to rock red eyeshadow Fall 2010 trend this season.
Red eyeshadow Fall 2010 trend alert

Base is vital. Your complexion should be flawless without any red spots. If your eyes are tired and you spot redness it’s better to save the red makeup for next time as red eyeshadow brings all redness to the front.

Choose the right red shade. Pale-skinned can rock brighter shades of red while dark-skinned will look best in deeper hues as burgundy and maroon.

Too daring? It’s okay, you can use red as an eyeliner, just again make sure your eyes are white and clear. Look at Rihanna’s look which she rocked back in 2009. Red eyeliner, falsies and light pink shadow on above eyelid.

Red eyeshadow Fall 2010 trend alert

Find your red a partner. To tone down and mix up the aggressive red add a bit of other color to your makeup. Be it brown, charcoal or purple you can create a beautiful deep multi-shade makeup that can bring the best of your eye color. Just find the right one.

Don’t leave your red lonely. Only re eyeshadow can make your eyes look tired and swollen. Put on a wing black or charcoal eyeliner and coat your lashes in mascara. Thus your eyes will be more defined and the look will work.

Test your red eyeshadow before application as you can be allergic to the dye used in it. To complete the look put on nude lipstick or create lush lips with a lip gloss.

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