Rainbow Freckles Are Now A Thing

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So, remember Freck Yourself’s complex method of creating natural-looking freckles that stay put temporarily? Forget them now, there’s a new thing in town called rainbow freckles (because rainbow hair isn’t enough). They look just as they sound, colorful and bright.

Rainbow Freckles Trend

Colorful freckles

Instagram @eliotte_mua

You can use eyebrow pomade to create more natural-looking freckles but lipstick, eyeliner, and cream eye shadow can help you create a rainbow look. Cool Instagram girls don’t only paint them where the freckles usually emerge (nose, cheeks) but also around their eyes, eyebrows, and even lips, which makes for a more expressive look.

Your freckles can be a complementing accent to your makeup or they can be its focus. If you are tired of eyeliner and smokey eye look, this can become a great eye makeup alternative. What do you think about rainbow freckles? Would you wear it out?

Blue freckles

Instagram @dominiqueldr

Gilded freckles

Instagram @spiralheartsxo

Red and white freckles

Instagram @dominiqueldr

Here’s a tutorial of the last look:

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