Pinning Down Lacquered Red Lips Look

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Red is a classy color for lipstick every woman should have, but if you want to be more dramatic you can always opt for a lacquered red lips look. Today we are going to pin down the lacquered red lips by presenting these tips for applying and on keeping the look longer.

All About Lacquered Red Lips

Red Lacquered Lips

Perfect Red Lacquered Lips

Although quite dramatic the red lacquer lips look is really easy to achieve. If you follow the advice from professional artists you need to take several steps in creating a perfect red lacquered lips look:

  • Swipe a lower lip with red liquid lipstick and then press lips together to transfer the color to the upper lip.
  • Now work your way into making a perfect cupid bow lip shape with the red liquid lipstick
  • Final step is to finish up the look with a clear lip gloss.

So you can make the red lacquer lips in three simple steps using any lip products that you want, yet that is not all of it. It is best to apply the lipstick on the flake-free lips and for these matters it is best to use lip scrub first and a rich moisturizer. You also need to keep the lips hydrated throughout the day. Also of help are the lip liners, but use the liners of the same hue of the lipstick. The lip liners preserve your lipstick from bleeding and help to define lips.

This red color along with the glossy sealing is pretty daring and won’t fit with just any makeup. If you want to rock the red lacquer lips don’t use any extra eye shadow, as it will draw away the attention from the lips. Opt for simple eyeliner and mascara instead. Lacquered red lips take all of the attention and that sometimes is what we want, right?

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