Perfect Face Skin Tips from Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is one of the Hollywood celebrities who can boast a perfect skin color. But how can You get it?

Let’s make a reservation: the following make up fits blonds with light skin colored, brown-haired and blond-brown women with warm beige skin tone as well.

Perfect Face Skin Tips from Kate Hudson

The secret of the smooth shining skin of Kate is hidden not only behind the professional make up. What is more important is a good care. Before applying the correcting foundation and powder, Kate sprays her face with thermal water and then applies a moistening sun protective cream. After the cream is absorbed properly, she proceeds to the foundation applying.

The actress has a pretty light skin inclined to the greasy luster appearance. That’s why she tries not to overload it with “heavy” foundations.

Perfect Face Skin Tips from Kate Hudson1

So, here are her beauty tips:

1. First of all Kate puts on a lighter tone onto the “problem area” – chin, forehead and wings of nose, and shade it well with a sponge.

2. Then she applies a tone darker foundation onto the rest of the face – cheekbones, under-cheekbones zones, around-the-eyes and -mouth areas.

3. The compact powder with slight bronze hue Kate shades round the whole face including temples, décolleté and behind the ears area using a wide brush.

4. Instead of blush she uses a compact tan tint powder. She applies it onto the “apples” of the cheeks and some more onto the temples and chin.

Perfect Face Skin Tips from Kate Hudson2

Some must-to-be-used notes:

  • You’d better give preference to the translucent compact powder with light texture during the summer season as it soothes the skin visually, hides some small defects and creates an amazing glowing effect.
  • If you got used to use blush, then try one tone lighter one in summer (light-pink, light-beige). Taking into account the fact that our skin tans in summer, the bring blush tints will look unnaturally and aggressively.

Apparently, it’s quite possible to get the shining well-groomed skin face like the stunning Kate Hudson has! You try it!

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