Oriental Make Up

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Oriental makeup is basically bright, expressive and attention-catching. It’s much more appropriate for evening time than for day one. Oriental make up requires precise applying otherwise it’ll look rude and vulgar.

Oriental Make Up2

Successful makeup of oriental style calls for the woman’s good taste, perfect knowledge of her face peculiarities and virtuosic makeup applying technique. Experiments are too risky with it, oriental makeup doesn’t forgive the mistakes of the palette choice.

Just for convenience Oriental makeup can be divided onto 3 main types: Arabian, Indian and Japanese.

Arabian one has the emphasis onto the eyes – it’s an honor of the centuries-old tradition. There is still a tradition in Eastern countries to outline the eyelids with black color as it keeps the contrast with white of the eye.

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Make-up stylists recommend showing preference to the mother-of-pearl shades when creating an Arabian image though the matte shadows are also allowed. But the first one is preferable as the glitter and luster are associated with East luxury. The eye shadow tone should be light and transparent. And lips are covered with lots of gloss.

Women who have decided to have the Japanese style makeup, should pay their attention onto the face tone color. It should be light and smooth just like porcelain. Japanese women are always famed for their ideal skin.

To make this kind of style you should try a light texture toner and transparent powder of light hues. Black color is usually used for the eye shading. Slanting eye effect is easy to be done with the help of a liquid eyeliner or a pencil.

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And shadows can be limited to the minimum applying them onto the corners of the upper eyelid. Lipstick should be bright. It can be matte or transparent with gloss.

Indian style of Oriental makeup is pretty complicated. Here the main emphasis is put onto the eyebrows and lips. Face skin tone should be swarthy or close to it. Make up stylists recommend to outline the eyes and to mascara the lashes.

Use light tints for the eyelids shadowing. The lips should be colored very sensually. To manage with this task you should apply the lipstick first and then a bit of gloss.

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When creating the oriental makeup of any style, imagine the look of Oriental beauty.

For example, fancy to yourself that Arabian women do makeup being aware of the fact that all the face will be covered with yashmak and the only seen part of it is their eyes. Thus, they should be impressive.

Japanese image can be completed with an appropriate hairdo – comb back your hair and fixate it with the help of bamboo hairpins or flowers.

A piquant addition to the Indian make up style will be bindi – that famous Indian point on the women’s foreheads. It won’t have any ritual meaning but simply finish the appearance.

Oriental Make Up

It’s accepted to be that Oriental makeup goes well to the brunette with swarthy skin. However, blonds can try it as well as it can be so much impressive if the correct gamut and applying technique is chosen. But don’t forget about the image, it should look natural and harmonious. Clothing and hairdo are of particular importance.

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