Nude makeup step-by-step guide

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Nude makeup step-by-step guide

Nude makeup is top trendy this Fall. Many think that natural or nude means less. Less color maybe, but certainly not less effort or products. The color palette ranges from sweet light colors to the combination of gray and beige called “greige” Fall 2010 hit. Contour cheeks will also require some color and effort. With this nude makeup step-by-step guide you will be able to make a beautiful natural look that will accentuate your natural beauty.

The key feature of the nude makeup is a perfect even and smooth complexion. In order to achieve it take just a little bit of a lightweight foundation maybe even moisturizing one. This brings us to the first step.

Step 1

Apply a bit of concealer where it’s needed and blend in with a bit of light foundation. It shouldn’t be heavy or cakey, the whole thing about this is that your foundation shouldn’t be visible at all. Use a special brush to blend it well.

Step 2

Take a primer or base shadow and apply from crease to brow. It will even the color of your eyelids and will create a perfect base for eyeshadow.

Step 3

Your eyeshadow can be brown, light pink or gray but it should be well blended without clear lines and just above your upper lash line a bit below your lower line. It should look soft. You might add a bit of shimmer in the corner of the eye.

Step 4

Comb your brows gently with a brow brush and fill in the nude spots. Do this with brown solid eyeshadow that matches your natural brow color let it be a bit messy without clear lines or lots of color.

Step 5

One or two coats of mascara will do, brown or black, the one you like better. You can also curl them with a curler for a more open look.

Step 6

Take peachy or apricot blush and highlight the face contour, blend well to make it look more natural.

Step 7

Go over your face with a powder brush for mat look. Use a translucent powder not to weight down your makeup.

Step 8

You can leave your lips be adding just a sheer lip balm for protection and moisturizing. But you can also opt for nude lipstick and sheer gloss or simply a skin-colored gloss for fuller lips effect.

Just like that in 8 steps you can achieve a natural look wearing just nude makeup. Remember that it should be light and sheer and highlight your eyes, lips and face contour.

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