Note About Skin Color Types

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What if you think that you belong to the combined skin color type?

Let’s imagine the situation that you can’t determine quite unambiguously the skin color type you’re of. If after thorough consideration you still can’t point out the color season and start thinking that you are of the combined type, let me assure you that you’re probably wrong, because there are no combined skin color types.

Summer Woman

The most contradicting fact is that you can see more or less pronounced contrast between the skin, hair and iris within one season type as far as every type has both delicate, light and saturated, dark hues.

Thus, spring season type with golden dark tints in skin and hair can easily resort to the light nuances of the fall type in wardrobe and make up. And visa versa, one with tender and pale skin fall type can go perfect with soft and subdued tones of spring palette.

Woman On The Beach

Something similar happens to the summer type dark tints that can be quite good with delicate hues of winter palette. And – as a very rare exception to the rule – strongly pronounced winter type with rich strong contrast of the skin, hair and eyes color can make use of lively nuances of spring palette.

Have I solved your doubts?

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One Response to “Note About Skin Color Types”
  1. Lyrical Says:

    Actually, I do belong to a combined skin colour type. I had suspected for a while but I just had that confirmed by a professional makeup artist.

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