New Year Smoky Eyes Tips at Home

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The New Year parties are closer day after day and in case you have already settled with the holiday outfit, let’s try to figure out what sort of make up you will have.

No doubts that it should be bright and holiday-intended one matching your face skin tone and face shape. Here the gold, blue and black smoky eyes variations you can do yourself at home.

Glamorous Blue Smoky Eyes

Glamorous blue smoky eyes

1. Apply turquoise shadows onto the upper eyelid.

Glamorous blue smoky eyes4

2. Outline the lower eye counter with the same shadows.

Glamorous blue smoky eyes1

3. Put the glimmering shadows accent onto the eyelid crease.

Glamorous blue smoky eyes2

4. Pencil the inner lower eyelid with the black hue and mascara the lashes.

Glamorous blue smoky eyes3

Hot Gold Smoky Eyes

Hot Gold smoky eyes

1. Apply the golden shadows onto the superior eyelid.

Hot Gold smoky eyes1

2. Counter the inner part of the lower eyelid with the gold tint.

Hot Gold smoky eyes2

3. Apply the dark-brown shadows onto the eyelid crease.

Hot Gold smoky eyes3

4. Shade the shadows and the pencil along the lower eyelid. Mascara the eyelashes

Hot Gold smoky eyes4

Smoky Smoky Eyes

Smoky smoky eyes

1. Put the foundation onto the eyelids. Then apply the chocolate-brown shadows onto the lower eyelid and shade it.

Smoky smoky eyes1

2. Apply the shadows of the same hue onto the upper lid.

Smoky smoky eyes2

3. Outline the counter of the eyes with the black pencil.

Smoky smoky eyes3

4. Mix up the grey and black shadows and apply them onto both of the eyelids.

Smoky smoky eyes4

5. Put the bronze shadows under the brows.

Smoky smoky eyes5

6. Apply the shimmering accent onto the eyelids.

Smoky smoky eyes6

7. Remove the excessive shadows and powder the area around the eyes. The finisher is mascara.

Smoky smoky eyes7

Feel free to vary the colors. The point is that your make up should single you out!

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