New Hot Trend: Matte Lips

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New Hot Trend: Matte Lips

Matte lips have been all over the red carpet and they have become a very hot new trend. It is also a great and stylish look for holiday partying. Balanced out with light eye makeup matte bold lips will look simply gorgeous. The only warning is to make sure lips don’t look dry instead of matte. Here are some tips to make your matte lips silky but not glossy.

New Hot Trend: Matte Lips

Step 1

Prepare your lips. If they are chapped use special exfoliator for the lips and moisturize. Use moisturizer even if your lips are fine it will be a base for color. Outline your lips with lip-colored wax-based lip liner that will help prevent lipstick bleeding.

New Hot Trend: Matte Lips

Step 2

Matte lipstick formulas are provided by many cosmetic brands such as Nars and Lancome. Though try to avoid those that give your lips chalky finish as they tend to overload the lips. Avoid going matte if your lips are too thin or have lines.

Apply the lipstick with your fingertip and finish with a brush. Choose shades that flatter your skin tone and hair color. Be careful with deep shades especially if the lipstick texture is chalky or powdery, it can make your lips look old.

Learn other ways to achieve matte lips:

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