Natural makeup master class

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We often hear that women say they use makeup just for themselves. It means absolutely the same as the phrase ‘I don’t care whether men like me or not’.

Of course both of these phrases have nothing in common with real women’s attitude to men and the makeup. It’s just a little woman’s lies that men should forgive.

natural makeup

Men like makeup but they prefer the one that is not so bright and catchy. They say the best makeup is the one that is not seen. Men like it because of special sexuality.

Just imagine: natural shining skin tone, pure expressive look not affected by eye shadow, natural attractiveness of lips… Sophisticated simplicity is more exciting than clear sex appeal accentuated by red lipstick.

All this is great but don’t hurry to apply transparent lip gloss and search for open hearts to conquer. Sexy natural makeup requires lots of skillfulness and time, it is no less easy than traditional evening makeup.
So, let’s begin our master class.

Face: Exfoliate the skin and apply a moisturizing mask. Find a good toner. It should be light, dense in texture (to hide the imperfections well), matted and very close to the skin color.

When applying the toner try to smear the transitional lines on the cheek bones and the neck. My advice is to apply the toner not only over your face but your neck and décolleté area as well.

Lighten up the skin under your eyes and make it even and smooth with a special corrector. Then put the toner evenly, moving from the forehead to the chin.

Thing to remember: when creating a natural look never use nacreous glosses or shadows.

When the toner is smeared well let’s start applying the blush. The tone is easy to choose: blondes should opt for a peach color while the dark- and red-haired women look good with a coral red tint.

Using a wide brush touch your cheek bones slightly. A few motions and an ideal tone of your face is ready.

Eyes. Put light-beige shadows on the upper lid and spread them the way you like from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes.

Then take an eyeliner that suits to the color of your eyes and apply it over the upper and the lower lid. This way you will emphasize the shape of your eyes and make the look more expressive.

Now find mascara that has almost dried or is running out. It is the very one you need to create your natural look. Your lashes should be black but with no excessive volume or length is needed.

Lips. Lips should be just a bit brighter than your natural color or vice versa – paler. The best way to recognize what is better is to apply both of them and look what seems more appropriate. After that line up the lips with a lip liner of appropriate hue.

Now look at the result. If you see a sensual fresh-looking girl you’ve done it!

And the last thing to do – think something good about yourself and your thoughts will be reflected on your face!

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