Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain “Voilette de Madame” Fall 2013 make-up collection

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Natalia Vodianova for Guerlain

Make-up takes a very important place in any lady’s life. Even if she claims to not use all those beauty products due to her natural appeal, she still does. She has to, just in sake of stressing what she was blessed by nature. This is exactly why so many brands are eager to make our days happier. Different “helpers” produced by various beauty companies won’t leave anyone untouched. Especially when it comes to a trusted and well-known name, such as Guerlain.

Guerlain Taps Natalia Vodianova for Fall 2013 Make-up Collection

Guerlain is one of my favorite beauty brands that keeps glorifying our lives with more and more surprises. Its Voilette de Madame Fall 2013 make-up collection is not an exception. This time the label tapped striking Natalia Vodianova and what a great choice it was!

This is how Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director of Guerlain make-up, explained his choice of a muse:

With her incredibly pure face, huge doe eyes and sensual lips discreetly masked to play the spy or intriguing femme fatale, Natalia reveals every woman’s desire: To be beautiful and play the game of seduction.

Voilette de Madame Fall 2013 Make-up collection

How can I not agree with his statement? The Russian beauty has truly deserved all the compliments and appraises and is still working hard on keeping up her fashion reputation. I can hardly imagine any other model to pose for Guerlain.

The new collection offers L’Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow duos, Madame Rougit 4-colours blush, limited edition of Lipstick Rouge G, new shades of Lip Gloss D’Enfer, Eye Pencils, and one new Nail Lacquer shade. I love the color palette – the shades are actually far from moderate, but this make-up collection is meant to help you attract and seduce.

What I liked the most about Guerlain Fall 2013 collection is the new duo eye shadow set. It comes in eight colors, combining metallic grey and blue, brown and coral, white and pink. Any single lady, regardless of her taste, will find something to fall for. By the way, L’Ecrin 2 Couleurs has two shades of different texture: one is sparkly, whereas another one is more matte.

Guerlain Fall 2013 Make-up collection was created with one single intention – to beautify our boring and monotonous days. Well, I have to admit, the brand has accomplished the initial goal. Gorgeous pieces of the collection add lot of color to our life routine. Natalia Vodianova was beyond any comments – beauty is beauty no matter what. Check out more photos of the new pieces and mark the ones that speak to you!

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